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THINGS TO DO                                            DECEMBER 2018

1.     In quarts: Blueberries, Olives, Figs, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Raspberries, Pomegranate, & Hops. A great way to get started at an easy price.

2.     We still have Strawberry plants bareroot right now - while they last. 10 for $4. 

3.     Yes, it's time to spray weeds. We sell Kill-Zall - same 41% concentration as regular Roundup (which is off patent.) Spray now or weed-eat later. Gal = $39.99.

4.     We will not be selling Bareroot fruit trees this January. One of our main suppliers that sold the EZ Pick fruit trees closed. We will have the new fruit trees available for sale in April and they can be reserved. Meanwhile, we still have 5 gal. apples, pears, plums, pluots, nectarines, mulberries, almonds, pomegranates, figs pistachio, persimmon and olives in 5 gal. ready right now. Lots of 1 gal. grapes available too. 

5.     Seed Potatoes are coming early January. Red, purple and Yukon Gold. They are fun to grow and you can get a bunch of potatoes. (Watch out for gophers though)

6.     Speaking of gophers, looks like they are digging away in the newly soft soil. Get them now with traps, smoke bombs, or poison. They can do a lot of damage.  We also have gopher baskets. Great for protecting fruit trees, artichokes and other tasty crops. Gophers can have 3 or more litters a year and it only takes them a few months to get up to breeding size. A preemptive attack will save trouble later. Wait until spring and it's a battle.

7.     In mid to late December, it's time to start spraying the peaches and nectarines for Peach Leaf Curl. Use a Horticultural Oil to kill overwintering insects on all fruit trees. Use Liqui-Cop in a sprayer to treat Peach Leaf Curl or a Ready to Spray Liqui-Cop that hooks up to a hose. Or you can mix both together at the same time. Cherries, plums, apricots, apples, pears etc. don't get Peach Leaf curl but they have other diseases that the copper spray works well on as a preventative. The next spray times are mid-January and then mid-February.

8.     Did you turn off all your automatic time clocks?

9.   The winter storms are coming and with them the wind. Have you checked your staked trees? It's a shame to see a tree that the wind snapped off because the stakes broke. Ideally, two stakes should be used on either side of the tree to allow the tree to move a bit and thereby help it to get stronger. We have lodge poles as well as bamboo and wood stakes along with tree ties.         

10.   Shop local! Check out our gift store for your Christmas and other gift shopping. Lots of stocking-stuffers in stock. A gift certificate is the perfect idea for that hard to shop for person. Gift certificates will be honored whether the nursery is sold or not.


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